Diseased Tree Removal
Carroll County Maryland

Multiple large, diseased trees were recently removed from an home in Westminster, MD using stump grinding techniques for maximum effectiveness. These trees were just a few of the many examples why it is always important to stay on top of all tree care needs in and around a piece of property.

Diseased trees should always be removed from a property as quickly and as efficiently as possible for a few key reasons. For starters, many trees in particular (like the kind that are common in and around Westminster, Maryland) that are diseased will exhibit signs of a fungus that enters the trees in question in one of two ways. The first is through the feeding of trees and the second is through the breeding.

Diseased Tree Removal Carroll County Maryland

If disease is left unchecked, it could spread into nearby trees through the underground root systems. These root systems are often adjacent to one another and sometimes become intertwined, which can cause disease to easily spread back and forth and inject additional trees if a homeowner isn’t careful.

The diseased trees in Westminster Maryland were identified using a few key techniques. Inspectors looked for wilted leaves, branches and other signs that an infection had occurred. Once the appropriate trees had been identified, the process could begin in earnest.

The first stage of removing the Westminster diseased trees involved removing the tops of all the branches. This is done both for the safety of workers who would oversee the remainder of the process and to make the removal of the base of the tree as easy and as straightforward as possible.

Next, the Arborcare Tree Expert employees removed the base of the trees until only the stumps remained. The final part of the removal process involves stump grinding techniques with a device of the same name. A stump grinder, also commonly referred to as a stump cutter, removes tree stumps slowly by rotating a strong cutting disk made out of metal that slowly begins to chip away at all the wood.

Soon, only a small portion of the diseased tree stumps were left, at which point the entire tree could be effectively removed from the property to stop the spread of disease once and for all.