Tree Pruning in Baltimore County

Trees and shrub can produce shade and help control the climate in your home. They can absorb water and reduce the risk of flooding in your yard. This type of greenery can also improve air quality by absorbing nearby pollutants. These benefits are quickly overshadowed when trees and shrubs are diseased, overgrown or dangerous. Tree pruning is the best way to keep the foliage in your yard healthy and looking its best.

Shape Up

You don’t want to have trees and shrubs in your yard just for the sake of having them. You want them to blend with your property so they accentuate and add value to your home. When you don’t maintain trees, they can grow to the point where they look messy and they don’t fit your yard. For instance, they may have branches that stick out or grow in an awkward fashion. Selective trimming can reshape your trees and restore balance to your yard.

Bearer of Flowers and Fruit

Contrary to what some believe, pruning plants won’t interfere with their ability to flower. In fact, it does just the opposite. This process acts as stimulation for the plants and can actually coax them to flower and bear fruit. In addition, it improves air circulation to help keep diseases at bay.

Let it Shine

Sunlight is essential for the healthy growth of greenery. If your yard is filled with untamed trees and shrubs, it will create too many shaded areas. While shade is certainly nice, too much of a good thing can prevent sunlight from getting through and reaching your lawn. Tree trimming and round-overs can create spaces between the branches and allow the light to shine through to your grass and to smaller plants.

Size Matters

Tree Pruning in Baltimore County

Bigger is not always better when it comes to trees and shrubs. When yard space is limited, oversized trees can swallow it and cause it to look like something out of the Jungle Book.  Out-of-control branches can also compromise the integrity of the power and phone lines in your community. In addition, they can get too heavy and break off without warning. Selective trimming will tame your trees so they don’t swallow up your house or cause a menace in the neighborhood.

Healthy is Everything

Dead and diseased branches need to be removed to preserve the health of your trees. Dead wood is a romping ground for rot fungi, which causes disease to spread to the healthy wood on your trees. Dead branches also pose a safety risk. They can fall off the tree and damage nearby structures, or worse, knock one of your neighbors in the head.

Every cut you make to your bushes and trees will impact their appearance and growth. So don’t go outside and start hacking away with the nearest sharp object. Timing is everything, and so is using the right methods.  Arborcare Tree Experts offers professional tree pruning service in Baltimore County, Maryland can help you determine the proper time and technique for pruning your greenery.  Contact us today come and do a free no obligation evaluation of your tree service needs.