Tree Removal Towson, Maryland

We are certified arborists and tree experts with many years of experience. Our arbor care team can safely and professionally remove any tree without harm to its surroundings. Hazardous and dangerous situations will be gone almost immediately. We gladly service with pride localities within the Towson, Maryland area.

Tree Removal Towson

Dangerous and Small Areas

One of our Towson customers had a large oak tree within three feet of his dwelling. For several years, he wanted to get rid of it for safety reasons. He kept putting the tree removal off thinking that it would be okay for a while longer. During a bad storm, the tree was hit with lightning and was split. Now, it was leaning towards his home. The tree had become dangerous and hazardous. Our customer called us in a panic. All he could think about was that the tree was going to fall on his roof and possibly, into his house.

Onsite Tree Removal Evaluation

We came out to his home that was located in Towson Maryland and observed the situation. Our licensed arborist came to the same conclusion after her onsite evaluation. The tree needed to be removed immediately. The large split went down three-quarters of the length of the tree. It consumed over half of the diameter of the wood.

Insurance Claims After a Storm

Our arborist explained to him that we have had a lot of experience in these situations. Our crane operators can remove the tree without damaging his home and the fence that existed along his property line on the other side. They safely know how to work in small areas. He also had not gotten in touch with his homeowner’s insurance. Our tree experts have worked with many insurance companies in filing claims after a storm. Knowing this really helped our customer ease his mind.

Crane Services

The crane operator was at his home quickly. Our team safely took out the tree. It had a very happy ending. The homeowner was relieved that the dangerous situation had been resolved.

Tree Removal Towson

Tree Removal Towson

Trees are a beautiful part of nature. There are many bad things that can go wrong with them, especially with the older large ones. They can become diseased, die and begin to tilt. They can become too large for the area, such as in this customer’s case and need tree removal even it a storm did not damage it. The limbs can be hazardous and need to be repaired by selective pruning. Maybe some trees are in the way of a future fence or building.

We specialize in all of these areas and are very appreciated when our customers call us with each of his or her unique situations. If you have some tree problems, whether it is an emergency or not, our licensed tree arborists in Towson, Maryland want to hear from you.

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